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Custom-Built Computer Systems for Business

We build reliable computer systems to fit your needs and budget.

Buying a computer is a big investment, but the biggest investment is the time spent with and learning about your computer over the years. By spending time talking with you up-front (we call it an interview) we make sure to include the features that will make your computer experience more enjoyable and last longer.

Building in Reliability

Being a small computer business in a small town means that we're more concerned about quality and reputation.  

Our policy of emphasizing reliability over cost means you will experience fewer interruptions and warranty claims than is normal with "economy" computer systems and parts.

If something does go wrong, we provide the service locally. If a component needs to be shipped to the manufacturer, we provide a spare until the replacement arrives so you won't be without your computer.

We are constantly evaluating our list of standard components and eliminate those which have demonstrated a tendency to fail. The same goes for manufacturer warranty support - poor or difficult support means we eliminate their product lines from our recommendations.




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  Brand Name Computers

Aren't Brand Name Computers Better?

Some people think that "brand name" computers are "better" than computers built from components. That might be true for costly server systems purchased by large businesses and backed by on-site maintenance services, but in our experience it is not true for computers aimed at small business and the home market.

Brand name computers tend to contain costly special or odd-sized components that can only be purchased from the original manufacturer.

Built-up computers use generic parts which are readily available for reasonable cost.

If you have a problem with a brand name computer and want warranty service, you'll have to take it back to the chain store where you bought it, find that no one there can fix your problem (believe us - we hear a LOT of horror stories), wind up shipping the entire unit back to the manufacturer, and wait a week or three to get it back.

If you have a warranty issue with a computer system that we build, we have the knowledge and parts to fix the problem in short order.

Recovery CD's

One last point, and it's about software. Many brand name computers come with Windows and original applications pre-installed - which is fine - but they don't include original CD's from the software manufacturers. Instead, and probably with the best of intentions, they provide a set of "recovery CD's". These CD's will ONLY work with the computer manufacturer's system, and almost always will ONLY restore the Windows and applications software to the same state as when you bought it.

This is probably fine for most people -- run into a problem -- call the computer support line -- they tell you "run the recovery CD and call me in the morning".

Problem fixed! The computer company saved money too.

But you may lose your documents, e-mail address books, favorites, and pictures. And you will definitely have to reinstall any software or hardware you purchased or downloaded since bringing the computer home from the store.

We provide original CD's that can be separately installed. The majority of computer problems are caused by installing new software, and often simply removing or reinstalling the new software is the fix.







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