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Even with only two PC's, you can benefit from a network.

With a network, you can easily and conveniently ...

copy large files between computers

share files, folders, printers, and CD drives
back up all your business data

print on a printer connected to another computer

With add-on software or equipment, you can also ...

access the Internet using a router, giving everyone simultaneous access to the Internet

provide everyone with e-mail capability, with e-mail addresses like

take control of another computer and use the programs on it, rather than buying extra copies of the programs

connect computers and networks in branch offices together

access your computers and data remotely, perhaps from home or while traveling


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  Network Products and Services


We provide the same top-quality and state-of-the-art communication products and services that are available to the "Big Guys", selected and scaled to fit the realities of your small business and budget.

network wiring & distribution panels

quality 10/100/1000 switches

wireless indoor networks for difficult-to-wire or older buildings

wireless outdoor point-to-point links (100 feet to 20 miles)

network servers  and network attached stroage

hardware & software routers

interoffice networking via leased lines, Internet and wireless

remote access to the office network

e-mail, including interoffice / multi-branch e-mail

data backup

remote support

multi-user Windows PC hardware

Windows 2008 Terminal Server




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