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  What do we do???

Computers, Networks and Software Support

We do APPLE Networks


We do MS Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista/2003/2008/Windows 7 Networks

We even do Multi-Platform Networks for those who mix Apples and Oranges. 

Networks based on peer-to-peer, client server and thin client computing

Small business computer network design & installation

Building and customizing quality computers to your special requirements

Maintenance on your existing network and systems

Building Windows SBS networks for small businesses

Upgrading or optimizing your network hardware & software to improve speed & performance

General computer & network diagnostics and documentation.

Repairs & Upgrades


PC "Tune-ups" & Preventative Maintenance

Full system upgrades based on your specific needs

Authorized repairs on your home or your office computer or network

Repairing/reconfiguring/reinstalling corrupt installed software 

Hard Drive Installation/replacement with Data Transfer

Memory/System Upgrades


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  Need More?

Data Security & Integrity

Securing your data or your emails against any malicious attack, intrusion, disk failure, data loss or any viruses


Backup and storage solutions for your sensitive data


Disaster recovery Planning


Virus detection & removal

Asset Management

Keep track of your equipment's age, original cost, service records and depreciation for tax purposes.

Operating Systems & Applications

MAC OS everything


MS Windows 95, 98, ME 2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 installation and configuration

Windows Server 3x/4x/2k/2k3/2k8- Small Business Server/Standard/Enterprise Installation & maintenance

Novell Netware 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x Server Installation & maintenance

Installing, configuring & optimizing Microsoft Office software applications

Installation and migration of Medical office database systems.

Installation and support of  popular accounting packages like AccPac, AMS Prime (Insurance Companies), Macola, MAS 90, Peachtree, Quickbooks,  

Paperless Office

Document Imaging systems...Store all documents on CD-ROM or to network file system

Free up space that many files cabinets occupy!!

Web & Internet

Creating and setting up internet connection sharing- (Use one internet connection for all your computers or network)

Installation & troubleshooting Modem/ISDN/ADSL/Cable/T1 connections

Domain name registration like

Low cost e-Mail solutions for your business

Troubleshooting internet and email problems



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